Fire in the Soul- Brighid's Temple in the Glen

Fires of Spirit- Brighid's Temple in the Glen

Brighid, Brid, Brigid,

Bride, Brigantia, Brigindo,

Breo-Saighit, Brigit, Briga

Briginda, Brigdu...

" I am older than Brighid of the Mantle... I put songs and music on

the wind before ever the bells of the chapels were rung in the

West or heard in the East. I am Brighid-nam-Bratta, but I am also

Brighid-Muirghin-na-tuinne, and Brighid-sluagh, Brighid-nan-sitheachseang,

Brighid-Binne-Bheule-lhuchd -nan-trusganan-uaine, and I am

older than Aone and am as old as Luan. And in Tir-na-h'oige my

name is Suibhal-bheann; in Tir-fo-thuinn it is Cú-gorm; and in

Tir-na-h'oise it is Sireadh-thall. And I have been a breath in your

heart. And the day has its feet to it that will see me coming into

the hearts of men and women like a flame upon dry grass, like a

flame of wind in a great wood... "

The Goddess Brighid

Brighid of the Forge will lead you to Rituals
Brighid of the Flame will guide you to the Altar to leave an Offering ( as soon as the form is updated ;)
Brighid of the Cauldron will take you to the Bard for Chants and Poetry

Hail, Brigit! hail, Brigit!

Queen of healing, Mother of poetry,

Hail, Brigit, forge of our vision,

Fount of our knowledge, source of our joy.

To thee we, night and day,

Hidden children of the Goddess,

Lift our voices in reverence,

In mirth and gaity and laughter.

Bestow upon us, thou candle of gladness,

Since thou art the flame of knowledgable crafts,

The healing art of Dian Cecht, the poetic art of Ogma,

And the art of making of Goibhniu.

Vouchsafe to us, thou silver branch,

An island in the realm of peace,

Safe from the waves of peril and stress,

Beneath the shade of thy scented apple trees

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