In a Dark Wood...Wandering...

In a Dark Wood... Wandering....

Escape from a Frame

Please excuse all the moving mess. Lots of things are broken

A Dark Wood
Wander into the Grove of Doors by way of this Dark Wood...

Or go to the Grove of Text -Grove of Doors, The Text.

There will be new�
text here soon
I just have to think of it�

There will also be a new greeting here�

And here as well

More here�

And here will be more new text

And some words I dedicate as always to Brighid.

A Bhrigid, scar os mo chionn�
Do bhrat fionn dom anacal.�

Oh Brigid, spread Above my head�
Your mantle bright to guard me.


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a twilight world of dark mysterious woodlands,
haunted streams, meads of deep green starred with burning flowers,
veiled in a dim and mystic light.