Prayer to Bast for a Sick Cat

Prayer to Bast for a Sick Cat

"Great Lady of the Cats,
I call upon your sleek form to aid me.
Your child is ill here in my arms.
Come to us and bathe your child
with your tongue and heal her wounds.
Heal her nose and mouth,
so she may breathe and taste.
Heal her teeth and claws,
so she may hunt and eat.
Heal her eyes and ears,
so she may know the world.
Heal all those things that let her digest,
So she can grown healthy.
Heal her heart, lungs and legs,
so that she may travel on.
Heal her skin and fur,
so she may show beauty.
Heal her bones and joints,
so she can play again.
Heal her tongue,
so she can heal her sisters"


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