Shrine of the River Grotto

RiverGrotto Shrine


Pool in the Forest of the River    



Walking through The Sparkling Glen you come upon a beautiful yet curious place. The trees above your head  have grown together to form a leafy canopy filled with birds singing their joyful songs.  In the sun-dappled shadows dryads dance, tossing their leafy hair over bare shoulders.

    Faerys appear out of sunbeams and smileingly beckon you to follow, flitting before you on gossamer butterfly wings. They lead you to a tree, half uprooted, which leans out of the ground at an angle, showing its gnarly root system. Amazingly the tree is vigorously healthy and is in full leaf.

    In the shadows of the root system you see a staircase made of ancient stone leading down into the earth.   Filled with peace, you follow the faerys down the steps and into the earth. Here below the forest flows an underground river of the purest water. Along its banks white birch trees grow with leaves  made of silver and . Hanging from the trees are candles. And beside the river the trees grow  like tables upon which candles burn.  


You may light a candle here, my friend. There are no restrictions on denomination, god and goddess names are allowed with the exception of the christian Devil . The candles burn out and are removed  by the Caretaker after 2 weeks so the shrine is kept nice and tidy.


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RiverGrotto Shrine


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 A huge thank you to artwells for letting me link directly to shaemmus ( his private shrines ) and giveing me the code to do so. Also a big hug to him for providing this service to all free of charge.      At his site one can light a candle in a public shrine created by him or private shrine that you can make yourself. Thank you SO much!!!